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We are very excited to deploy Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform. Through Scienaptic’s adaptive AI, credit access for motorcycle buyers is further enhanced. Many more customers who have experienced credit turn-downs or declines in the past will be able to get approval, regardless of FICO score.

Ben Donnarumma

President of American Cycle Finance

Supercharge your underwriting with the world’s leading automated
AI-powered credit decision technology 

Use wider & deeper data smarter

Deploy & evolve
AI models with ease

Faster G2M with new test & learn credit strategies

Hosted SaaS model reduces capex for

Specialty Lenders 


Case Study

Sharper credit decisioning process to accelerate profitable portfolio growth

Case Study

Growing SMB lending portfolio using AI powered underwriting platform


Lending in 2021, how the year looks for the credit market