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As a member-owned, cooperative organization, we are committed to meeting our members’ diverse financial needs by offering the best value, member experience and innovative solutions. Partnering with Scienaptic reinforces this commitment by ensuring our members are provided with industry-leading underwriting capabilities and enhanced access to credit, further strengthening their financial wellbeing.”

Christopher Ercole
Vice President, Consumer Lending at Tower Federal Credit Union. 


At AAC, we strive to develop relationships that make a positive difference for our customers while constantly improving internal systems and processes. Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform will help enhance our ability to offer smarter credit decisions to underserved segments, further strengthening our customer relationships and supporting their financial needs.”

Crystal Fortson
Head of Indirect Credit & Funding at AAC


Deploying Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform is another step of our journey to rethink the customer experience and enhance our credit decisioning capabilities, putting members' needs first. Scienaptic's platform is enabling us to auto-approve more than 50% of our vehicle loan applications while increasing overall approvals by 20%. We are confident that in days to come, Scienaptic’s AI will deliver similar business impact for our credit card portfolio.

Kevin Willborn
VP of Consumer Lending at Gesa Credit Union

At Meridian Trust, we aim to provide our members and community with the best personal service, the highest quality financial products, and the best overall value for a lifetime. Scienaptic’s AI-driven credit decisioning platform will help ensure that our credit union has access to industry-leading underwriting capabilities to approve more loans for our members and further enhance their financial wellbeing.”

Michael Barnhardt Jr.
Chief Lending Officer at Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union


At Levo, our mission is to help better our members' lives by putting their financial interests first and providing the right products and services when they need them. Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform is a perfect fit for this mission. The cutting-edge AI will help us enhance credit access for members and improve their financial well-being through smarter, faster credit decisions.”

Steve Stofferahn
VP of Lending at Levo Credit Union

Ken Plank
Numerica CU

Scienaptic’s platform will support our mission and deliver automated decisions across commercial and consumer underwriting, allowing us to serve more members when they need us most. The platform will help us increase loan approval rates and extend more credit to current and potential members while advancing their financial well-being.”

Ken Plank
Chief Lending Officer at Numerica

Chad Wilcox

We are excited to deploy Scienaptic's AI-powered platform to bring instant, better and more personalized credit decisions to our members. The use of Scienaptic’s AI will help us provide better loan decisions for every single member we serve. We can provide enhanced access to credit to our valuable members while also creating opportunities to reach potential members, all without increasing risk.”

Chad Wilcox
SVP of Lending at Credit Union of Colorado


Being able to provide fast and easy access to vehicle financing anywhere, anytime is crucial for meeting the demands of our customers. Leveraging Scienaptic’s AI enhanced decision-making capabilities means that we can make sharper loan decisions and effectively reach more borrowers to help them quickly and responsibly purchase the perfect vehicle to chart their own course to success.” 

Miro Radujkovic
VP of Consumer Lending & Collections at Right Direction Financial


At InRoads, we believe everyone thrives when we grow together. Deploying Scienaptic's platform will make it easier for us to enhance credit access for our members. Not only will Scienaptic help us further our commitment to continued growth but, more importantly, it will drive strengthened financial options to support the growth of our valuable members.”

Robin Balza
Chief Lending Officer at InRoads Credit Union

Paige Corcoran - Pelican State Credit Union
Pelican State

Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform will help enhance our view of our members’ total financial picture and further support our mission to improve their lives through safe, competitive products and educational services.

Paige Corcoran
Senior Vice President of Lending at Pelican State Credit Union


Through the years, CTCU has grown in assets, in members and in offerings. We are excited to partner with Scienaptic and build upon this growth by tapping its AI-powered credit decisioning platform. Scienaptic's AI will enable us to offer enhanced credit access to our members and improve their financial well-being.”

Tim Miller
President and CEO, Cooperative Teachers Credit Union


BHPH Auto dealer


As we continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, our customers are increasingly looking to us for quicker access to vehicle financing and enhanced lending support. For our customers, working with Scienaptic’s AI powered credit decisioning means that more applicants will be able to responsibly purchase vehicles through enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Phillip Thomasson

Director of Finance and BDC, MCMC Auto

Robert Goebel

The platform will help us safely increase loan approvals, provide better experiences, and support financially stressed members. Scienaptic’s AI will empower members with more credit, reduce decisioning cycle time, and reinforce PEFCU’s commitment towards every member’s financial well-being.

Robert Goebel
Senior Vice President of Lending at PEFCU

C1st CU

We see the potential of Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform. In addition to helping us make quicker and better lending decisions, Scienaptic’s solution will assist us in expanding our solar and green energy lending reach and lowering financing costs in the nationwide residential solar market.

Bill Paulen
CEO of Community 1st Credit Union


We are very excited to deploy Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform. Through Scienaptic’s adaptive AI, credit access for motorcycle buyers is further enhanced. Many more customers who have experienced credit turn-downs or declines in the past will be able to get approval, regardless of FICO score.

Ben Donnarumma

President of American Cycle Finance


The use of Scienaptic’s adaptive AI will help us provide better loan decisions for every single member we serve. It will empower our member-owners with more credit, enhance their lives, and reinforce our commitment towards the financial well-being of all members.

Floyd Rummel

Chief Executive Officer at Northern Hills Federal Credit Union

Dan Estal

Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform will help us maintain this strong commitment, enhancing access to credit for our current members and reaching more potential members without increasing risk. We are excited to get started.

Daniel Estal
VP of Lending, Northern Credit Union

Michael Ciriello

Empowering and supporting the financial growth of our members, both current and prospective, is something we hold in high regard and anything we can do to help enhance their experience is vital.  With Scienaptic, we can increase loan approval rates, reduce decision times and offer credit to more potential members, helping them to better achieve their financial goals.

Michael Ciriello
President and CEO at Heritage Financial Credit Union


Scienaptic's AI-powered platform is a fantastic fit for the AI roadmap we have in mind. Using Scienaptic's AI, we will be able to make better lending decisions for every single customer. This will make vehicle financing easier, and more customers will be able to own their dream car.

John Prosser
President, Drive Appeal

Steve Greig.jpg

We're delighted to partner with Scienaptic to provide our customers with instant credit decisions and transform in-house financing. Scienaptic’s platform will automate our underwriting process and help us continue to stay true to our philosophy of saying yes, when others say no."

Steve Greig
Chief Executive Officer, RV Depot

David Sjöblom.jpg

We have spent extensive time looking for a data-driven credit assessment platform to support our launch in 2021. Scienaptic's AI-powered credit assessment platform and strategy optimization tools will allow us to scale rapidly as we look to build out our portfolio across the UK, Sweden and other key Northern European markets. We expect it to add significant value to our investment strategies and create better returns for investors.

David Sjöblom

CRO at Credo Capital Partners

FTL bw.png

We’re excited to begin fully leveraging Scienaptic's platform. The AI-powered credit decisioning will not only allow us to provide better consumer financing products for our customers but also reach more qualified borrowers and underserved markets, all while effectively managing our risk.

Todd Grzybinski

President of FTL Finance.


The use of adaptive AI for smarter credit decisions will empower us to continue building on our profitable trends, while strategically grow our auto lending portfolio in underserved segments. The platform will help us safely increase loan approvals and swiftly regain lost opportunities due to Covid tightening. 

Paul Dacus
CRO and Head of Indirect Auto Lending at AAC

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