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best-in-class credit decisioning experience.

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Speed and efficiency are paramount for us, and Scienaptic's AI platform perfectly addresses our needs. By empowering MagiLoop’s dealers with AI-powered credit decisioning, we're confident in building a stronger business and empowering our customers through responsible vehicle financing.

Brian Carduff 

Co-Founder of Magiloop


By integrating Scienaptic's AI platform, we're not just improving our credit decision-making capabilities but will empower our dealer partners to scale their lending operations and approve more deals. We're grounded in the belief that everyone deserves a second chance, and with Scienaptic's AI, we're now even better equipped to support those with lower credit scores who are determined to rebuild their credit and move forward in life.

Michael Sansone

Director of Operations


By leveraging Scienaptic AI's cutting-edge AI technology for credit decisions, we're able to provide homeowners with improved credit access and even more precise and tailored recommendations to help them achieve their financial goals.

David Benizri

Co-Founder and CEO of Housetable


Strongbox is the easiest way to unlock financial intelligence from accounting data. This intelligence, paired with Scienaptic's AI-driven credit underwriting platform, will allow lenders to approve more customers with confidence, mitigate risk, and deliver faster credit decisions. This integration is going to be highly valuable for lenders globally, and we are excited to be a part of this disruption.

James Walter

Founder & CEO of Finagraph


We love how Scienaptic’s AI is transforming the lending landscape. This integration is an exciting opportunity to bring AI-powered credit decisions to our credit union clients. The seamless integration of the two platforms will take our credit union clients’ operational efficiency to the next level. In addition, this partnership will enhance their member experience, increase approvals, and help credit unions help their members and communities in time.

Steve Maloney

CEO of Sync1 Systems

Naftali Harris.jpg

Combined with our solutions that stop identity theft and synthetic fraud at the point of application, this partnership will allow Fis to confidently approve more customers without adding friction to the lending experience.

Naftali Harris

Co-founder and CEO of SentiLink


Partnering with Scienaptic will help our credit union clients safely and effectively evolve their lending efforts in this highly competitive lending market, while also addressing existing issues and inefficiencies. The cutting-edge AI will empower credit unions to go the extra mile and deliver better access to credit for all deserving members.

Jack Imes

Chief Client Lending Consultant


At Integrated Lending Technologies, we believe that credit unions, community banks and other lending players should redesign their approach towards lending to create more approvals for members and a better borrowing experience,” said Will McGregor, President and CEO of Integrated Lending Technologies. “With Scienaptic AI, we are excited to capitalize on its AI expertise to enhance our clients’ credit decisioning and expand credit availability.

Will McGregor

President and CEO of

Integrated Lending Technologies


Our partnership with Scienaptic is based on an alignment of core missions: to help credit unions better provide for their members. We believe this platform is the next step forward to allowing nearly 5.8 million members access the financial services they need.

Patty Corkery

CEO at Michigan Credit Union League

Patty CorkeryBW.jpg

This alliance represents another opportunity and pathway for lenders to grow their loan portfolios while doing so at reduced risk. It is efforts like this one that will help provide access to credit to underserved consumers.

Ankush Tewari

Vice President, Credit Risk Strategy

LexisNexis Risk Solutions.


Using rich data, auto lenders are empowered to make more informed decisions while safely extending credit to new applicants. Scienaptic’s AI-driven credit underwriting platform, paired with our data, will allow auto lenders to approve more customers with confidence, mitigate risk, and deliver faster credit decisions. We are pleased to partner with Scienaptic to help auto lenders make better loan decisions for their customers.

Ken Hill

Managing Director of 700Credit


Using alternative credit data, lenders are empowered to make more informed decisions while safely extending credit to new applicants. Scienaptic’s AI-driven credit underwriting platform, paired with our consent-based alternative data, will allow businesses to uncover new revenue streams, mitigate risk, and deliver sharper credit decisions. We are pleased to partner with Scienaptic to close the lending gap and reach emerging markets.

Erik Becker

SVP of Corporate Development


Working with Scienaptic is an important milestone for us. It is the first integration of our API into an AI-driven credit decisioning platform. This will result in very positive outcomes for both Scienaptic’s clients and their customers. Combining our rich data connectivity and Scienaptic’s AI-powered lending will enable more loan approvals, more quickly.

Alex Cardona

COO & Co-Founder


Our clients in the Americas Region of Fujitsu are increasingly looking to power their business through AI, whether to drive more robust business decision making, speed time to innovation, garner efficiencies or empower their people with information. Through this partnership, our financial services clients in North America will benefit from significantly enhanced AI-powered credit decisions, helping to minimize risk, while maximizing revenue. We look forward to expanding Scienaptic’s transformative platform to global clients in the future.

Yasuo Terai

Director of Application Services,
Fujitsu America, Inc.


This partnership represents a pathway for financial institutions to grow portfolios while doing so at reduced risk. High-quality, cost-efficient consumer credit data will ensure that lenders make better loan decisions for their business,

Walt Wojciechowski

Chief Executive Officer


We're excited to be working with Scienaptic. Many banks, lenders and fintechs have deployed SentiLink's solutions to address synthetic fraud. Scienaptic's analytics platform will enhance our solutions for anyone interested offering a safer credit originations process

Maxwell Blumenfeld



This alliance represents an opportunity for Dakota credit unions to take advantage of innovation and artificial intelligence in the lending industry. The use of Scienaptic’s AI-based credit underwriting platform will play a key role in helping our credit unions grow membership, strengthen charters, and provide excellent service to members,

George McDonald

Chief Officer of Strategic Services


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