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How Credit Union of Colorado Leveraging AI to Enhance Lending Efforts...

Aug 26, 2021

How Credit Union of Colorado Leveraging AI to Enhance Lending Efforts: Kathryn BonesteelCU broadcast
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Scienaptic’s VP of Partnerships, Kathryn Bonesteel and Chad Wilcox, SVP of Lending at Credit Union of Colorado, joined us on the show to share their insights on the rise of artificial intelligence in lending and how early adopters like CU of Colorado are setting the stage to reap the benefits well into the future.

Both Chad and Kathryn talked about what was going on at the credit union that prompted them to look to AI as a solution to enhance its lending efforts. In addition, they discussed the multiple benefits AI can have in the lending department, goals they look to achieve, and some really cool projects in the works -- again, leveraging AI's capabilities.

Fascinating conversation with Kathryn and Chad on how this technology is permeating every corner of a credit union now. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. And be sure to watch the entire episode below for all the details.

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Getting To Yes More Often

Aug 10, 2021

BigCast: Getting to yes more often-Kathryn BonesteelCU broadcast
00:00 / 28:44


Glen chats with Scienaptic's Kathryn Bonesteel about bringing artificial intelligence to credit union loan underwriting. Plus- Square buys now, and Americans remain unclear on open banking.

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How AI Can Create Better Credit Decisioning for Credit Unions...

June 3, 2021

How AI Can Create Better Credit Decisioning for Credit Unions...CU broadcast
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Pankaj Kulshreshtha, Founder and CEO of Scienaptic, joined us on the show to share his insights on the current state of AI's impact on credit underwriting.

Pankaj addressed why the standard credit scoring approach of the past is not keeping up to help lenders effectively offer loans while mitigating risk,  as the traditional FICO scoring doesn't always tell the whole story these days.

He also talks about how credit unions can help more borrowers while still protecting themselves and growing their portfolios, as well as how AI can create better credit decisioning for credit unions.

Lastly, Pankaj discusses one of the goals on how this better credit decisioning increases financial inclusion for both borrowers and lenders.

Super fascinating talk here with Pankaj. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

The CU2.0 Podcast
CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 140  |  AI at Gesa Credit Union
April 14, 2021

CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 140  |  AI at Gesa Credit UnionThe CU2.0 Podcast
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There are two guests on the podcast - Eric Steinhoff, a Scienaptic executive vice president, and Kevin Willborn, vice president of consumer lending at $3.3 billion Gesa Credit Union.

Essentially you will hear that Scienaptic's tools are a way to speed up loan decisioning and also to make the decisions very possibly better. It's hard not to like better and faster.

Willborn also tells what loans he plans to run through Scienaptic - lots of different kinds.

This is a tight podcast but in it you will hear how Scienaptic in fact creates better tools for smarter underwriting. It's a short course in the secret sauce of an AI engine.

At Gesa, meantime, the determination is to up its lending game and that is why Willborn took a look at new tools for smarter processing. When he heard the Scienaptic presentation he knew he had found the vendor for Gesa.

LendIt Podcast
AI-Driven Credit Underwriting
April 7, 2021

LendIt PodCast - AI-Driven Credit UnderwritingLendIt Podcast
00:00 / 51:51


Peter Renton, Co-founder & chairman of LendIt Fintech talks with Pankaj Kulshreshtha CEO of Scienptic AI on Scienaptic’s AI driven credit underwriting solution for Lending Institutions.


In this podcast, they discuss on AI-driven credit underwriting has gone from a curiosity to a must-have in the last five years. Lenders of all sizes aspire to use AI-powered credit decisions to approve more borrowers. Why? Because It is simply better. Lenders get better decisions instantly, can approve more borrowers with confidence and can price loans more accurately.

  • Demystifying AI in credit, what it actually means.

  • How smaller banks and credit unions are incorporating AI-powered credit decisions?

  • What is involved in implementing AI-powered models?

  • How will this impact the borrower experience?

  • Why AI-based underwriting is the way of the future?

CU broadcast

Why Northern Hills FCU Employing AI-Powered Credit Decisioning Platform

March 7, 2021

Why Northern Hills FCU Employing AI-Powered Credit Decisioning PlatformCU broadcast
00:00 / 15:05


Eric Steinhoff, EVP Client Impact at Scienaptic, and Floyd Rummel, Chief Executive Officer at Northern Hills Federal Credit Union, shared how Northern Hills FCU will leverage Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform to better manage external and internal limitations in today's current environment. 

Eric and Floyd also addressed why jumping on the AI bandwagon is now a solution. Credit unions must ensure that they adapt AI to their specific portfolio and business needs.

In addition, they talked about the future roadmap and how does one navigate potential issues like talent shortage, fair lending, bias, etc.?

The fascinating discussion here -- especially if AI-focused solutions are on your credit union's radar. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.