Case Study

Enhancing member lives and experience using AI powered credit decisions

The credit union was keen to expand credit access for its members and improve their experience. The current process had multiple manual touch points. 



Scienaptic Borrower

Stability Index

The COVID-induced economic downturn means that traditional through-the-cycle models are drifting from expected paths, with risk models underpredicting outcomes...


Case Study

AI powered underwriting for a leading SMB lending bank in India

Our client, a leading SMB lender was experiencing slow growth owing to blunt credit instruments that heavily relied on bureau scores. 


Case Study

Sharper credit decisioning process to accelerate profitable portfolio growth

Our client, a leading financial institution was experiencing increased delinquencies, resulting in credit losses and high operational costs on collections.


Case Study

Detect Account Takeover Fraud Using AI

One of our major banking clients in the US was seeing significant uptick in ATO (Account Take Over) fraud losses. There was a need for a platform which could help them detect fraud early and accurately...



A practitioner’s
note on forecasting Retail Credit Losses

Accurate and reliable forecasting of the Credit Losses has always been a subject of critical focus in Retail portfolio Risk management- in literature and bank’s practices alike. 


Case Study

Strengthening lending portfolio of US-based auto lender using AI

Known auto lender providing in-house financing and multiple used car financing programs. Majority applications manually reviewed.


Case Study

Delivering growth, lending automation and better member experience for a leading credit union

A leading credit union was looking for an automated digital decisioning system for consumer loans to drive growth and deliver better member experience.


Case Study

AI powered treatment strategies for a US based global bank

AI powered predictive analytics for better delinquency treatment. A case study on how Scienaptic AI platform delivered lower delinquency, cost and attrition. 


Case Study

Forecast better, faster, at scale with advanced ML techniques

A leading US bank was unable to accurately forecast aging losses due to underestimation of realizations, observing over 16% variance to actuals. 



Using AI & ML to detect first party fraud

First party fraud occurs when customers apply for credit with an explicit intention
to not pay back. Such customers often use fabricated information (including
contact details) at the time of application.


Case Study

Reviving lending growth for a Credit Union using AI

Credit Union expectations was to increase underwriter ’s efficiency by lowering the volume of application for manual review and Incremental lift in approval rate


Case Study

Growing SMB lending portfolio using AI powered underwriting platform 

Our client, a large bank, was experiencing increased delinquencies, and was unable to grow their business lending portfolio without increasing risk



Bridging the Data Gap 

The credit industry and the needs of borrowers have evolved rapidly in the past decade.


Case Study

How we are driving a robust credit program for a leading e-retailer

The overall opportunity of this engagement lay in our ability to rebuild and enable the client to drive credit adoption and a sound decisioning process...



The role of AI in Credit Line Assignment

Key driver of approve or reject decision is the credit worthiness of the applicant as
measured by risk score(s).