Supercharge your SMB underwriting with world’s smartest

AI technology

for credit.


Increase in

Approval Rates


Decrease in

Credit Losses

Our platform empowers risk managers with sharper predictive vectors. Proprietary AI-ML algorithms convert data into powerful risk predictions which help you approve more business loans at lower risks.

Superior customer experience through streamlined process

Our platform reduces friction in your current decisioning processes and manages expectations of Small Business and Regulators alike. It does so by providing one unified flow for strategies, models and actual production runtime environment, empowering risk managers to focus on testing and implementing strategies.


Richer data.

Richer insights.

A wide array of augmented data sources for SMB and commercial lending are available today. By combining traditional and augmented sources with our AI predictors, we create a create a 360-degree business view for you.

Predictive intelligence.
Beyond traditional scorecards.


A credit solution that addresses all regulatory concerns.




  • Whitebox ML

  • SR 11-7 documentation

Discriminatory Lending


  • ECOA compliant models

  • Multivariate reports to ensure no bias is present in the model

Stability of



  • Reject inferencing

  • Robust OOT validation/test

  • Regular monitoring and retraining

Case Study

AI powered underwriting for a leading SMB lending bank in India

Case Study

Growing SMB lending portfolio using AI powered underwriting platform