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More Approvals.
Lower Risk.
Instant Decisions.

AI powered credit decisioning to transform how you lend

Trusted by 140+ lenders of all types and sizes

What can Scienaptic do for you?

Automate the credit underwriting process from end-to-end

Automate your decisioning setup

Leverage alternate data points and 1000+ signals to identify creditworthy borrowers

Lend more at Low risk

Self-learning models help to offer instant credit decisions and personalize loan offerings for applicants

Streamline customer experience

Scienaptic’s suite of AI enabled technologies helps you say "Yes" to more borrowers at lower risk

Scienaptic dashboard

Scienaptic’s smart AI credit underwriting platform helps lenders better identify qualified prospects, flag high-risk prospects, and offer a 360 degree risk assessment before approving an application


Explainable AI, ML credit underwriting models


A complete Credit decision engine in just 4 weeks

Test & Learn

An environment for implementing concurrent underwriting strategies

Redesign Credit Decisioning with AI


Fair lending for All,
Discrimination towards none.

Model attributes go through thorough disparate impact analysis to ensure no bias in design

Our AI models provide rich and diverse set of adverse action reasons

Comprehensive documentation on logic underlying model, robustness and limitations of model

Know more about regulatory aspects of Credit Decisioning and how Scienaptic stays ahead of the curve

Case Studies

Know how Scienaptic is creating visible impact across the globe

The deployment of Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decision platform, is enabling us to provide more personalized offerings to educators, broaden our member reach and enhance our member experience."

Stephen Green
Vice President of Lending at Class Act
Stephen Green

25% reduction in Bad Rates

Supporting Local Educational Communities with innovative risk assessment

Seamless Integration

Scienaptic integrates seamlessly with existing lending ecosystems, and ensures a disruption-free deployment


  • Easy integration with existing loan origination systems

  • Platform deployment within 4-6 weeks

  • Better risk predictions through a single API call


Awards and Recognitions


Most innovative use of AI/ML


Sep 2022

AI Excellence Award-2022

BIG AI Excellence Award

Business Intelligence Group

Mar 2022

BIG Innovation Award

BIG Innovation Award

Business Intelligence Group

Jan 2022

Inn Tech Award

Best Technology Provide in AI Services

Inn-Tech Awards

Jun 2022


Best Predictive Analytics Platform

FinTech Breakthrough Awards 

Mar 2022

Want to know more about how we can transform your lending processes?
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