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River Valley Credit Union to Deploy Scienaptic Platform to Revolutionize Loan Decisioning and Enhance Member Experience

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



Apr 13, 2023

Leading global AI-powered credit decision platform provider, Scienaptic AI, announced today that River Valley Credit Union, an innovative Michigan-based credit union, has chosen to deploy Scienaptic’s AI platform to improve credit access for its members. The credit union aims to enhance and automate its credit decisioning by utilizing Scienaptic's fair, inclusive, and regulatory-compliant AI platform.

River Valley Credit Union's story is one that embodies the true spirit of helping others. Its roots can be traced back to 1965, when fourteen Amway employees had a simple but powerful vision - people helping people. Founded on the principle that people are worth more than money, River Valley Credit Union, originally called Amway Employees Credit Union, has been a pillar of support for over 55 years and has helped more than 11,000 members achieve their financial goals. Despite the passing of time, River Valley Credit Union's commitment to helping its members has remained unchanged. The credit union has evolved and grown, but its guiding principle remains the same - putting people first. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and helping members achieve financial success, River Valley Credit Union is more than just a financial institution; it's a community of people coming together to help each other thrive.

CEO Janelle Franke has been with River Valley Credit Union since 2006, but her ties to the credit union go even deeper. Janelle and her family have been in the Credit Union industry for over 40 years. "At River Valley Credit Union, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to serve our members with the utmost dedication and passion,” said Janelle Franke. “We believe in a world where every member has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, and in Scienaptic, we have found the perfect partner to help us bring this vision to life. With their cutting-edge technology, we are confident that we can create a fair, inclusive, and truly exceptional credit experience for our valued members.”

"At Scienaptic AI, we are excited to embark on a transformative journey with River Valley Credit Union to revolutionize their loan decision process and enhance the credit experience," says Pankaj Jain, Co-founder and President. "Our deployment will bring new levels of underwriting efficiency and member satisfaction to River Valley CU, allowing them to make an even greater impact on the community. We are thrilled to collaborate with such a forward-thinking institution and are eager to see what we can achieve together."

About Scienaptic AI

Scienaptic AI’s mission is to increase credit availability across the globe by transforming the technology used in credit decisioning. Credit unions, auto lenders, banks, and fintechs, use Scienaptic's AI native credit decisioning platform to continually improve the quality and speed of their underwriting decisions.

The platform enables FIs to reach more borrowers, including underbanked and underserved individuals, and say “yes” more often without increasing risk. It democratizes automated AI-powered lending while addressing all regulatory requirements, including Fair Lending and explainable adverse actions.

Scienaptic-enabled lenders have processed more than 300 million transactions, benefitting millions of borrowers. For more information, visit

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