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New Scienaptic Partner Integration Helps Financial Institutions Simplify Credit Underwriting

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions


Dec 20, 2022

MeridianLink® is proud to announce a new partner integration with Scienaptic, a global provider of an AI credit underwriting platform. With this integration, MeridianLink customers can seamlessly access Scienaptic's AI-powered decisions for lending.

How To Leverage This Integration

If your financial institution uses MeridianLink® Consumer, leveraging this integration can help you:

  • Increase approval rates while keeping loss rates constant.

  • Make real-time automated credit decisions and reduce the turnaround time for loan applications.

  • Create personalized loan offerings using predictive intelligence.

  • Increase credit access for underserved borrowers by ensuring fair lending for all.

AI is transforming the lending landscape. This integration is an opportunity for lenders to incorporate AI-powered intelligence into their lending process to make smarter, automated decisions.

A Recipe for Digital Lending Success

Today's borrowers expect a seamless lending experience that includes easy credit access and a personalized loan offering. Faced with changing consumer priorities, lenders are recognizing the urgent need to strengthen their offerings.

Credit unions, especially, which have a dual focus on improving member experience and driving sustainable growth, have begun making the shift toward innovation in order to achieve better lending processes. With the advent of AI-backed technological interventions, the time is right to also make the shift to AI.

AI-based decisioning allows credit unions to take a more holistic member view and create a meaningful and personalized credit experience. AI-based decisioning allows them to expand access to credit for underserved members.

This integration partnership eliminates barriers that have prevented many lenders from implementing AI. Financial institutions using MeridianLink will be able to drive faster and smarter loan decisions and say “yes” more often to their members and consumers.

Learn More About This Integration

To learn more about using Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisions with MeridianLink, email the Scienaptic team at

Visit the MeridianLink Partner Marketplace to learn more about Scienaptic and our integration partners whose solutions span the digital lending experience.

Written by MeridianLink

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