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Automobile Acceptance Corporation selects Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform to grow its auto loan business

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



Feb 7, 2021

Scienaptic AI, the world’s leading AI-powered credit decision platform provider, announced the deployment of its platform at Automobile Acceptance Corporation (AAC) based in Riverdale, Ga. This deployment will enable AAC to use AI to make sharper credit decisions and assist automobile dealers in selling more vehicles to clients with limited or no credit history.

AAC is a leading national provider of auto finance solutions. AAC has partnered with more than 1,000 automotive dealers, offering a unique opportunity to re-establish credit and get a second chance to finance an automobile. Through Scienaptic’s AI-enabled credit underwriting platform, credit access for automobile buyers will be further streamlined.

"We are very excited to deploy Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform. The use of adaptive AI for smarter credit decisions will empower us to continue building on our profitable trends, while strategically grow our auto lending portfolio in underserved segments. The platform will help us safely increase loan approvals and swiftly regain lost opportunities due to Covid tightening. "

Paul Dacus, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Indirect Auto Lending at Automobile Acceptance Corporation

"Automobile Acceptance Corporation will be a model for the use of AI in credit decisioning for auto lending. Using our AI, they can build the best strategies for their target customers, and balance growth with profitability. We are pleased to be a partner in their lending innovation to increase auto loan approvals while reducing delinquencies."

Pankaj Jain, President of Scienaptic AI

About AAC

Since 1989, AAC has specialized in automobile financial services for consumers with all types of credit. Whether you need to improve your credit or have maintained good credit all along, AAC is a great choice for all your automobile financing and insurance needs. When it comes to financing, we care more about where you're headed than where you've been. Our goal is to provide you with financing that's right for you and at an amount you can afford.

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About Scienaptic AI

Scienaptic is on a mission to increase credit availability by transforming technology used in credit decisioning. Over 150 years of credit experience is embedded in Scienaptic's AI native credit decision platform. Our clients across banks, credit unions, fintech, and other lenders use the platform to constantly improve the quality of underwriting decision. This enables them to say ‘yes’ to borrowers more often and faster.

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