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1st Franklin Financial Corporation Goes Live with Scienaptic's AI-Powered Credit Decisioning Platform

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



Jul 6, 2023

Leading global AI-powered credit underwriting platform provider, Scienaptic AI, announced today that 1st Franklin Financial Corporation is now live on its platform. As part of the deployment, Scienaptic’s AI platform integrated with 1st Franklin’s Loan Origination System (LOS), MeridianLink DecisionLender, enabling streamlined, AI-powered scoring to quickly and accurately assist in lending decisions.

Since 1941, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation has remained steadfast in its mission to serve communities by providing financial services and opportunities to individuals and families. Founder Ben F. Cheek, Jr. initiated this journey over 85 years ago with a modest $34 auto loan. Despite the changing times, the company's commitment to its customers remains unwavering. With a robust presence of over 325 loan offices across nine states, and operating primarily in rural areas, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation continues to meet the cash needs of its customers and offers a comprehensive range of loan options to individuals and small businesses.

"Our mission at 1st Franklin is to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our customers, providing them with financial freedom and access to credit,” said Ginger Herring, CEO of 1st Franklin. “Going live with Scienaptic's platform is a transformative milestone for us. It is enabling us to delve deep into our customers' needs. We can now streamline our underwriting, offer personalized solutions, and empower our customers to achieve their goals. Together, we are shaping a future where dreams become reality, and our customers experience the true joy of financial empowerment."

Pankaj Jain, Cofounder and President of Scienaptic AI, said, "We are ecstatic that 1st Franklin Financial Corporation is now live on our platform, marking a transformative shift in their loan decision process and elevating their customers' experience to extraordinary levels. This deployment has ushered in remarkable enhancements in accuracy, and overall customer satisfaction, fostering lifelong connections within the community. We are truly honored to be a part of 1st Franklin’s journey towards excellence.”

About Scienaptic AI

Scienaptic AI's mission is to increase credit availability across the globe by transforming the technology used in credit decisioning. Credit unions, auto lenders, banks, and fintechs, use Scienaptic's AI native credit decisioning platform to continually improve the quality and speed of their underwriting decisions.

The platform enables FIs to reach more borrowers, including underbanked and underserved individuals, and say "yes" more often without increasing risk. It democratizes automated AI-powered lending while addressing all regulatory requirements, including Fair Lending and explainable adverse actions.

Scienaptic-enabled lenders have processed more than 300 million transactions, benefitting millions of borrowers. For more information, visit

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