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People Driven Credit Union Goes Live With Scienaptic's AI-Powered Credit Decisioning Platform

Initial tests indicate 30-40% auto-approvals,10-15% increase in overall approvals

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



May 3, 2023

Leading global AI-powered credit decision platform provider Scienaptic AI, announced today that People Driven Credit Union is now live on its AI-powered underwriting platform. As part of the deployment, Scienaptic AI platform’s existing integration with MeridianLink Consumer Loan Origination System (LOS) was leveraged, resulting in streamlined lending operations along with AI-enabled fair, explainable and compliant credit decisions.

People Driven Credit Union is a member-owned, full-service financial institution helping members and their families with money management since 1928. PDCU was founded as Detroit Federal Employees Credit Union to serve as a primary field of membership of federal employees in the Detroit area and their families. The credit union offers an array of affordable financial services to over 27,000 members in the community and now has a statewide field of membership (FOM) for eligibility to join.

“As a credit union with a long-standing legacy of success spanning almost a century, we see innovation as an exciting opportunity to build on our strengths and create an even brighter future,” said Renee DeMarco, President and CEO at People Driven Credit Union. “By going live on Scienaptic's credit underwriting platform, we're not just embracing innovation, we're streamlining our lending processes and providing faster, more accurate loan decisions for our members. With cutting-edge AI technology, we're increasing credit access & financial inclusion with greater speed and precision. Our members always come first and going live on Scienaptic’s platform is a testament to our commitment to driving progress and delivering exceptional service.”

“From our very first meeting with People Driven Credit Union, we were struck by their unwavering commitment to putting people first. Today, we're thrilled to see them go live on our platform, using cutting-edge AI technology to streamline and support their members' credit needs,” said Pankaj Jain, Cofounder & President of Scienaptic. “With access to enhanced credit decisioning, People Driven CU is assisting more current and prospective members, increasing approval rates and automation, all while building deeper relationships.”

About Scienaptic AI

Scienaptic AI's mission is to increase credit availability across the globe by transforming the technology used in credit decisioning. Credit unions, auto lenders, banks, and fintechs, use Scienaptic's AI native credit decisioning platform to continually improve the quality and speed of their underwriting decisions.

​The platform enables FIs to reach more borrowers, including underbanked and underserved individuals, and say "yes" more often without increasing risk. It democratizes automated AI-powered lending while addressing all regulatory requirements, including Fair Lending and explainable adverse actions.

Scienaptic-enabled lenders have processed more than 300 million transactions, benefitting millions of borrowers. For more information, visit

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