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Seasoned BD executive, Mark Dreux joins Scienaptic

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



May 30, 2020

Scienaptic, an AI powered credit decision platform, announced that Mark Dreux has joined as its Chief Growth & Strategy Officer. In this role, Mark will be responsible for formulating alliances with strategic partners and enhancing industry outreach. 

Mark is a seasoned client relationship leader with 21+ years of experience in credit analytics and risk management. For the past 16 years, he has been leading client relationships for Digital Matrix Systems (DMS), working with some of world's leading banks, credit unions and P&C insurance providers. 

"In these times of economic uncertainties, there is no better person than Mark to help us foster deeper relationships with clients and partners. He has an uncanny ability to forge strategic alliances, a strong focus on leading with innovation and a deep commitment towards our vision of credit inclusiveness. I look forward to partnering with him and wish him great success at Scienaptic", said Pankaj Kulshreshtha, Scienaptic's Founder and CEO. 

"I feel delighted to be part of an energetic, successful leadership team. Scienaptic's unique platform puts it at an inflection point with vast opportunities ahead. It is paving the way for the future of not just underwriting, but smarter targeting and treatment in these unprecedented times. I look forward to working together with Scienaptic leadership team to deliver on their compelling vision", added Mark. 

About Scienaptic:

Scienaptic is a world's leading AI powered Credit Underwriting Decisioning platform company. Designed by seasoned CROs, its platform is creating industry leading business impact in terms of lifts such as higher approvals (15-40%) and lower credit losses (10-25%) with all the regulatory explainability vis-à-vis Bureaus, FICO etc. Scienaptic's clients include Fortune 100 banks, credit unions and Fintechs.

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