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Navigating Uncertainty in Lending Using AI: Strategies for Success in the Current Economic Climate

Webinar | June 8, 2023 | 11:00am – 12:00pm EST

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Financial institutions that have implemented AI-enabled lending are creating balanced choices between risk and growth through recession-resistant underwriting. These institutions are seeing 70-90% increases in automated decisioning with gains of 30-50% in automated approvals.1. In addition, overall approval rates improved by 15-40% while decreasing loss rates by 10-25%.


Our discussion will include:

  • The benefits of leveraging AI for financial institutions and their customers

  • Strategies for financial institutions and lenders to build recession-resistant portfolios powered by AI

  • How to use AI to increase credit access for underbanked and marginalized customers 

  • Case studies of successful implementations of AI in lending

  • Methodologies to manage the internal and external challenges in bringing AI into a lender’s risk organization


This webinar is designed for senior risk leaders and lending professionals who want to learn how to use AI to mitigate recession risks. 


Join us and learn how to reduce risk and expand your customer base with an AI-powered credit decisioning system.  


Pankaj Kulshreshtha


Scienaptic AI

George Selitto-WyHy.jpg

George Sellitto


Scienaptic AI


Brian Hughes


Discover Financial Services

Connie Bonello.jpg

Connie Bonello

Sr Director Financial Services, Capgemini

Ping Fan.jpg

Ping Fan

Vice President, Credit Strategy & Modeling, OppFi

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The most successful lenders use Scienaptic to scale up their decisioning

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