Scienaptic Quarterly Update

October - December, 2021

AI native credit decision platform for consumer and SMB lenders

Reimagining lending in 2022

19 new clients in the last quarter and the traction continues..

We are revolutionizing credit decisioning technology and our intelligence first transformation agenda is gathering momentum. Most of our clients are looking to elevate their customer experience. Our AI helps that objective by automating credit decision process, understanding customers better and increasing loan approval rates by aligning right price / product to the customer profile.

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Our deployments are delivering big impact

In each of our deployments, clients have experienced significant business impact through better AI-powered decisioning and automation. 

Numerica Credit Union

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More Approvals

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Risk reduction

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Auto decisioning

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"Our partnership with Scienaptic is empowering us to make advanced and faster credit decisions especially at a time when the Spokane valley is growing at a rapid pace. Initial tests show potential for up to 27% more approvals, 20% risk reduction and 77% auto-decisioning. It strengthens our member relationships, supports their financial needs and enhances their experience."

Ken Plank
Chief Lending Officer at Numerica

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"Our company’s first loan was $500 to an immigrant mother, who had lost her job and wanted to start her Mexican food cart for her former co-workers. One cart became two and two carts became a restaurant. Scienaptic's AI-powered credit decisioning platform will empower us to say “yes” to many more borrowers like her."

Paul Quintero
CEO at Ascendus

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We are creating an
AI roadmap

​Gesa Credit Union started its journey with Scienaptic for auto loan underwriting and later expanded to a new portfolio.


"We are looking to integrate Scienaptic with all of our products and provide instant approvals to our members!"

Alicia Carlson
Consumer Lending, Gesa Credit Union

Network effect is transforming lending

We are seeing a surge in AI adoption across segments. Clients are ramping up decisioning volumes (sometimes by 300% in a few months) as they begin to realize the benefits. This network effect is enabling us to constantly improve the AI and the outcomes it drives.

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$2 billion+ 

credit decisions processed monthly

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applications processed monthly

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2 million+

credit union members supported

Impact of AI on lending - Client Perspective

Clients are becoming our brand advocates

Through client referrals, many deals are now closing within 30-45 day sales cycle.

1 deal signed in
7 days.

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Our marketing outreach with clients continues

Dec 9, 2021

Panel Discussion
AI for lending and beyond: New use cases, trends and adoption roadmap

Eric Steinhoff, Client Impact Scienaptic AI

Kathryn Bonesteel, VP of Partnerships Scienaptic AI
John San Filippo, Co-Founder Finopotamus
Kirk Drake, Founder CU 2.0 • Board member NACUSO
Daniel Estal, VP of Lending Northern CU
Michael Mehling, VP of Lending Heritage Financial CU
Solomon Semere, Senior Director LexisNexis

Sep 29, 2021

Panel Discussion
Bringing AI to Credit Unions

Eric Steinhoff, EVP Client Impact, Scienaptic AI
Kathryn Bonesteel, VP of Partnerships, Scienaptic AI
Floyd Rummel III, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Hills FCU 
Alicia Carlson, Credit Systems - Consumer Lending at Gesa CU
Daniel Estal, VP of Lending, Northern Credit Union
Mark Rowan, Chief Technology Officer, Credit Union of Colorado

Dec 23, 2021

Zero To 5000
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Nov 04, 2021

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Oct 12, 2021

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