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Subbu Venkataramanan joins Scienaptic to steer its AI and deep learning innovation center

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions



Jan 24, 2017

Scienaptic, which was listed as top 10 analytic start-ups to watch out for announced that it has appointed Subbu Venkatramanan as head of its innovation lab. The lab is one of the initiatives by Scienaptic to embed intelligence derived from cutting edge AI technologies such as Deep Learning to everyday digital front end systems. The lab would further advance Scienaptic's vision of creating intelligent functional processes that ride on significant data and analytical complexity beneath. 

Subbu brings over 16 years of experience in combining Machine Learning algorithms with principles of Behavioral Sciences. His passion for big data saw him take up a variety of analytical roles across four continents in some well-known enterprises such GE, Standard Bank and Discover Financial Services. He is credited to have pioneered many path breaking IPs in applying sophisticated machine learning algorithms that deliver business value across areas such as fraud detection, smart targeting, offer optimization and risk management. 

"I have known Subbu to be deep from our days at GE Analytics CoE. Since then he has worked across functions and gained valuable experiences in bringing the impact from machine learning to the business. His eclectic interests also give him the creative edge that analytical practices like ours need. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Subbu on-board and I wish him great success at Scienaptic," said Pankaj Kulshreshtha, founder and CEO of Scienaptic. 

Subbu is an IIT KGP alumnus with many talents beyond the big data space. He is a trained Carnatic music vocalist and spends his spare time listening to TED talks, reading up on the latest developments in cognitive sciences and thinking about its implications to the understanding of mind and consciousness. 

About Scienaptic: 

Scienaptic is a platform-based new age big data and analytics company based in New York. Its vision is to eliminate the friction across functions and embed intelligence in digital transformations. Its platform, Ether has unique capabilities to infuse intelligence in the way organizations decipher customer behavior patterns, design intelligent interventions and create real value in delivering a superior customer experience.

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