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Serving the Underserved: Avail Finance to Deploy Scienaptic's Decisioning Engine to Power Credit Decisions

Incorporating AI into Strategic Roadmaps Of Credit Unions


Aug 29, 2021

Leading global AI-powered credit decision platform provider, Scienaptic AI, announced that Avail Finance has chosen to implement the company's credit decisioning platform to enhance their credit decisioning for India’s blue-collared workforce.

Avail finance provides the blue-collared workforce with a neo banking platform that aims to include every credit-worthy individual under the financial umbrella. Using a hassle-free, quick and simplistic loan application structure, Avail Finance aims to identify credit-worthy individuals in the Indian population that are currently underserved by formalized lending institutions such as banks and NBFCs and provide them with credit line and instant cash products using an online app that enables access to credit in just a few moments.

“The blue-collared workforce segment has no credit card penetration, no credit history, and sparse banking records, which leads formalized lending institutions to never consider providing them with loans,” said Tushar Mehndiratta, Co-Founder at Avail Finance. “Using Scienaptic’s credit decisioning engine, we will empower the underserved with faster access to credit. The flexibility of the platform will help us evaluate customers’ total financial picture dynamically and further support our mission to improve their lives.”

"We are very pleased to work with Avail Finance in supporting the credit financing needs of the underserved through our AI-powered credit decisioning platform. Our platform will enable Avail Finance to approve more borrowers while reducing losses, analyze portfolio performance at a granular level and react quickly to external changes,” said Joydip Gupta, Head of APAC Business.

About Scienaptic

Scienaptic is on a mission to increase credit availability by transforming technology used in credit decisioning. Over 150 years of credit experience is embedded in Scienaptic's AI native credit decision platform. Our clients across banks, credit unions, fintech, and other lenders use the platform to constantly improve the quality of underwriting decisions. This enables them to say ‘yes’ to borrowers more often and faster. For more information, visit

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