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Senior Data Scientist

Full Time

Anywhere across USA

As a Senior Data Scientist you will play a critical role in strategic and inquisitive to Develop and run with Data-Centered Projects. You will be responsible for Developing all aspects of Datamining, Predictive Analytics, Solution Development to name a few.


  • More than 5 years of overall experience.

  • Potential Risks and Constraints &amp;amp; execute the Projects/Tasks Independently.

  • Translate the Business Program into a solvable Data Science Problem, propose different approaches and their Pros and Cons.

  • Identify, Analyse and Interpret Trends or Patterns in Complex Data Sets.

  • Build Market Mix Models (MMM), Multi-Touch Attribution Models (MTA), Optimize

  • Marketing Spend and Come Up with Implementable Recommendations and Strategy/Plan.

  • Good Written, Verbal, and Presentation Skills with the ability to generate and present meaningful Insights skills &  competencies

Skills & Competencies

  • 4-5 Years of Professional Experience in Advanced Data Science focused on, Econometric Modelling, Marketing Analytics, Market Mix modelling, Multi-touch Attribution, Micro Segment Attribution, Unified Measurement, Marketing Budget Optimization, TV Attribution etc.

  • Ability to Analyse Complex Data and provide Recommendations to Business.

  • Proficient with Statistical Analysis, AI/ML Algorithms & applying them on LargeDatasets.

  • Establish Scalable, Efficient Solutions for large scale Data Analysis, AI/ML Model

  • Development, AI/ML Model Validation, AI/ML Model Implementation and AI/ML Model Automation (MLOps).

  • Excellent proficiency in Core Python Fundamentals, Python Programming, and other relevant Python Frameworks (such as Django, Flask etc.), Object Relational Mapper Libraries, Pyspark, Scala & SQL.

  • Strong Knowledge in AI/ML/DL Techniques, Algorithms, and Tools with exposure to OLS Regression/Multiple Linear Regression, Classification (Logistic Regression, Random Forest, XGBoost), Linear Attribution model, Time Decay Attribution, BG/NBD, Markov Chain, Shapley Additive Explanations, CNN, RNN (LSTM), Transformers (BERT) etc.

  • Proficiency in working with Open-Source Deep Learning libraries like TensorFlow,Keras, Pytorch.

  • Demonstrated ability to work Independently.

  • Proven ability to Visualize Data for Influencing.

  • Comfortable with Cloud-Based Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google).

  • Experience in Digital Marketing (Web &amp; App) is a must.

  • Experience with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics etc. is a plus.

  • Proficient in communicating technical findings to Non-Technical Stakeholders.

  • Communicate Complex Data or Algorithms into simple Conclusions that will empower.

  • Leadership to drive action based on the Insights derived.

  • Strong Presentation and Communication Skills.

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