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AI-powered Credit Decisioning Engine

New customer underwriting, Pre-approvals and Cross-sell, Early warning signals

Case Study

Enabling Low-Risk Instant Credit Decisioning for a leading BNPL platform


How Fintechs Can Maximize Lending Partner Commission Using SMART Analytics

Case Study

Accelerate profitability and growth in unsecured loans using Bureau AI model, Alternate data, Decisioning engine

Trusted by 145 lenders across 7 countries



Instant underwriting higher approvals and lower defaults

Flexible Business Rule Engine

UI based interface to manage rules
Multi-bureau connector and Integrated 3rd party APIs
Rapid simulation, back-testing and experimentation

AI in action

Scienaptic AI Bridges Credit Gap Through Its Credit Decisioning Platform

The Scienaptic platform is used by lenders with assets exceeding $100 billion, enabling them to process over $22 billion in credit decisions, benefitting over 2 million credit union members and millions of borrowers across sectors like banks, auto, and online lenders. This credit decisioning platform will help DMI, a technology-first and innovative digital finance company, to expand its reach to underserved customers, increase credit availability, and expand its customer base.

We are confident that Scienaptic’s flexible decisioning engine that allows quick experimentation, with test-and-learn and portfolio analytics features, will enable DMI to serve more borrowers and boost credit approvals without increasing risk.

Joint Managing Director

Case Study

Enabling Low-Risk Instant Credit Decisioning for a leading BNPL platform

The target customers of the client were new-to-credit, and not able or willing to provide required documentation for small ticket loans. The client’s focus on improving user experience through shorter decisioning times, was a challenge accentuated by the availability of minimal customer data.



BRE with alternate data and instant lender recommendation 

Flexible decision engine (BRE)

Flexible UI-based decisioning engine with one-click deployment of ML models

AI in action

Modern age cards through modern age AI: Uni Cards to deploy Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform

Through Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform, Uni Cards can process traditional and alternate data streams of customers and provide instant decisioning. Scienaptic’s platform provides flexible configurations to handle diverse and changing decisioning flow requirements as Uni Cards’ business scales up and offers a multitude of test-and-learn simulation options to run rapid experiments. This will allow Uni to launch and adapt products faster, catering to the changing needs of new customer segments.

Our PayLater Card, has one of the lowest NPAs in the industry. We are delighted to have a partner like Scienaptic as we expand further and make access to credit democratic. 

Founder and CEO


Case Study

Expanding the Credit Net: Leveraging Transaction Data for Smarter Credit Decisions

The client wanted to monetize their user base by offering personal loans to consumers and merchants, starting with small ticket BNPL loans first. The primary challenge was that a large section of the user base was new-to-credit, and more often than not, were not willing to provide any documentation for small ticket BNPL loans. As such, reliance on banking and credit history for loan decisioning would yield insufficient data for a decision. Hence there was almost no verifiable information available for risk assessment.



Automate MFI underwriting and get higher wallet share with cross-sell

Cross-sell to IL, LAP, two wheelers, MSME loans

AI in action

Credit Access Grameen Ltd. Chooses Scienaptic's AI-Powered Credit Decisioning Engine to Strengthen Loan Underwriting

Leading global AI-powered credit decisioning platform provider Scienaptic AI announced today that the largest microfinance institution (MFI) in India, CreditAccess Grameen Limited (CA Grameen) has chosen to implement its platform to underwrite loan applications.

Don’t take our word for it.

Discover how Firoz Anam, the Chief Risk Officer at Credit Access Grameen, is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize lending practices, increase approval rates, and enhance customer experience.

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