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Offer greater service and savings to the satisfaction and delight of members.

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Drive member inclusion

With a more accurate picture of risk, you’re able to say yes to more members with confidence.

With instant decisions and better pricing, your teams have more time to spend with members.

Deliver personalized service

Models that make an impact

Scienaptic offers effective credit model management and easy AI adoption with benefits wherever your business needs it most.


Make more good loans and fewer bad ones for better lending.


Recuperate more money and deploy resources more efficiently with a clearer view of likelihood to repay.

Portfolio Assessment

Better stack-rank risk of loans already on your books to inform business strategy and planning.

Better, faster, more transparent
lending decisions

Whether you need to find more good borrowers, mitigate risk, and decreases losses, drive portfolio yield, or price more intelligently, Scienaptic AI helps you grow safely and in compliance with your regulators.

Case Study

AI powered underwriting for a leading SMB lending bank in India

Case Study

Growing SMB lending portfolio using AI powered underwriting platform Ether

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