Our Culture

At Scienaptic, we pride ourselves on a flexible work culture with a flat organizational structure. We believe and invest in our people from the start. We encourage cross functional learning to aid a broader view of the functions while excelling at yours.

We hire from across the industry and incorporate strengths from each of them into our domain. We encourage new hires to ideate and be vocal of their thoughts.

We work hard & we know how to have fun with regular engagements and team building off-sites. It is important for us to always show appreciation for our team as we are all in this together.

We Work in "Flow"

We immerse ourselves in a feeling of energized focus and enjoy solving the hardest problems. We proactively pick up the skills, gumption and resources needed to make the right choices for our customers, ourselves and for the Scienaptic family.

We Pursue Awesomeness

We didn't come this far only to come this far. We are here because we have fire in our bellies to build lasting meaning. We push ourselves beyond what is considered possible. Anything short of awesome is not good enough.

Together We Win

We are in it together. We hold each other accountable to our shared vision, goals and milestones. We help and celebrate each other regardless of hierarchies or team boundaries. Together, we are Scienaptic.

I’m enthusiastic on a daily basis to come into the office to be a part of such a collaborative team and always feel valued. Scienaptic’s culture has set the tone for me as a continual source of inspiration in my drive to grow and be challenged. I truly believe in what we do and am excited to play a pivotal part in the future growth!



Office and Events Manager

The people are Scienaptic's strongest asset and most powerful draw. We have a range of experiences, specializations, and personalities - but everyone has in common a strong passion for learning, excitement for problem solving, commitment to their teammates, and subject matter expertise in their field.



Engagement Leader

I am incredibly excited to be part of a group of such talented individuals with a product that I truly believe in. I enjoy working at Scienaptic because the team environment is one of collaborating and working together to best position ourselves for growth. We are in a great position to continue to expand, and each day there are exciting & new developments. I am extremely proud and happy to be part of the Scienaptic team!



Customer Success Manager

I have grown and learned so much in my time here. Scienaptic has felt like a home away from home. Everyone is pushing themselves to be the best and smartest they can be. The teams here work with each other to complete everyday tasks. We are always achieving team goals and not just self goals. The company culture is something many people wish for at any job. I am glad to be part of the Scienaptic family!      



DevOps engineer

The draw at Scienaptic is smart people. But that’s not all you’ll like about the company. They know a team is built with skill sets that are complementary to their own, so everyone’s contribution is valued. The CEO rolls up his sleeves to provide genteel support and gravitas if you need it or to just roll up his sleeves with the team as we enjoy the end to a successful week.



Client Success Manager

I had always been fuelled by challenges. The status quo doesn’t work for me. With 7+ years of experience across established organizations, I had a good feeling about Scienaptic. It has been more than 1.5 years now and I am more than happy with my decision to join the team!


A  Rahiman

Manager Recruitment

I joined Scienaptic fresh out of college as it was exciting to be a part of a rapidly growing startup. In my role as a product engineer, I solve new challenges everyday and apply my knowledge at scale working with domain experts and fresh minds like me.



Product Engineer

Scienaptic provides an academic-style work atmosphere where I am continuously challenged to think outside the box and seek solutions to complex business problems beyond what first comes to mind.



Data Scientist

Scienaptic Systems Inc.

50 West 47th Street, 16th Floor, Ste. 1614, New York, NY, 10036

Ph: +1 212 244 4030

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