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By combining rich feature and algorithmic innovations, Scienaptic AI platform creates treatment strategies in response to changes in customer behavior and portfolio performance to deliver the results you expect.

A better experience for customers.

By combining rich feature and algorithmic innovation

Lower charge-off for financial institutions.

Data driven by

Data driven by design

Common data model helps you get more out of your internal customer and performance data while giving you the tools to experiment with external alternative data. Powerful NLP engine creates predictive features from collector notes with minimalistic human inputs.

Don't guess.

AI / ML enabled predictive collections model will score and segment customer accounts by exposure, risk, behavioral factors, and even willingness to pay and preferred contact channel. These models offer deeper, more nuanced understanding of at-risk customers to maximize collections efficiency.

AI / ML enabled predictive collections model
Targeted interventos

Individualized collection strategies.

More targeted interventions.

Scienaptic AI platform treats every customer as a “segment of one”, optimizing early self-cure identification, value-at-risk assessment, pre-charge-off offers, post-charge-off decision, contact time, channel, and frequency for every single customer.

Predictive Analytics

Case Study

AI powered predictive analytics for better delinquency treatment. A case study on how Scienaptic AI platform delivered lower delinquency, cost and attrition. 

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